I’d been meaning to call most of the summer to get some wasps’ nests taken care of, but I’m glad I waited… sort of…
I’ve always been in the “eh, bugs happen” camp. I’m not gonna go crazy spraying or spending money for someone else to do it. Then, I found a huge black widow IN MY BEDROOM this morning. I called at 8:30 and left a message. My call was returned just before 10 and, thanks to someone rescheduling their appointment last minute, I was promised an 11:00 time slot, if not sooner. 10 minutes later, Josh shows up and saves the day. He was courteous and awesome. I paid far less than I thought I would (I would have paid more, trust me! But thanks!). I appreciate Paul and Josh for quickly taking care of my home. I’ll definitely use Black Widow Exterminators in the future, should the need arise.

Heather G.

Kyle is wonderful ! If you get your home sprayed, you must request him. Not only was he polite, he was very very thorough –
Their product works! I found 4 dead spiders in basement !

Elizabeth M.

We’ve had three applications from these guys over the last 4 years (because the product often lasts and keeps bugs out for quite a bit longer than expected) and they’re always so nice. And, as I mentioned, the applications sometimes last a full year before we need a new one. We originally called them many years ago because we saw 4 Black Widows in a span of two weeks in and around our house – we haven’t seen any since. Not to mention, this stuff keeps other bugs and spiders away as well.

Nicholas W.

Fast, convenient, effective service, and they won’t try to sell you a quarterly plan. The tech who took care of my house (Kenny) was great about answering questions. In addition to the usual treatment, he dust-bombed a yellow jacket nest under my deck and confirmed two other nests in my eaves were inactive. I will definitely call Black Widow again when I start seeing spiders again or finding another nest of stinging pests.

Julie M.

We had them out to the house a few weeks ago with a problem and infestation of spiders. We had brown wood locust that were taking over our finished basement. The guy that came out was professional friendly and listened intently to my mom describe all the various situations of encounters with baby and adult spiders. They sprayed inside and outside and were very thorough. I have four dogs of which they were very careful to make sure to inform us that they were no toxic chemicals that would harm them. We haven’t had any problems or sightings of spiders since they were out and they guarantee that this will be the case. Very happy with their service professionalism and delivery upon expectations I will definitely have them as part of my services for the house going forward.

Dana P.

On time, right price, effective, responsive. Can’t ask for more. Second time using this company in 4 years (separate reasons) and will continue to give them business.

Joseph I.

Great response via yelp. There was a schedule conflict last minute, the owner communicated to me promptly and kept me in the loop of time. Ended up having to reschedule for the following week, which was fine. Kenny was very professional and detailed in explaining what he was doing treatment wise. No pressure at all on future treatment. Will be using them again if we have pests. Thank you Black Widow.

James S.

We had a ton of spiders! Mostly in the basement, where I sleep. We had them come out and I never saw another spider for at least a year. Now two years later I’m finally starting to see enough that I feel it’s time to have them come back. They did an excellent job! Very professional, on time, and through. We didn’t need to leave the house or take the pets out. I reccomend them to everyone!

Melissa L.

This place was the 2nd exterminator that came to my home, the 1st one didn’t work. My experience with them was great! They got rid of my problem on the 1st visit without all the hassles involved with the other company. Give them a call, you will not be disappointed. The only thing I was concerned about was the length of their warranty, it was much shorter, but thankfully they didn’t have to come back.

Carin R.

Very professional and polite. My house was treated two days ago for spiders and general pests. We used to see at least 3 spiders every time we would go down to the basement. Since the treatment i haven’t seen any since, although we were told that it could take up to 3 weeks for the treatment to fully ban these little monsters satisfied so far. I will call them back again in 3-6 months for sure! Thank you for your help!

Gabriela I.

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